List of Varanasi Ghat

Ganga Mahal Ghat


Ganga Mahal Ghat is named after a palation building of ex. Maharaja of Banaras to wards the north end of Assi Ghat. Infact Ghat has a little cultural significance except the Beautiful carvings depiction the Rajput and local architectural grandeur of 16th.....

Rewan Ghat


Rewan Ghat is an extended part of Assi Ghat and its building was constructed by Lala Mishir, royal purohit of King Ranjit Singh of Punjab. It was know as Lala Mishir Ghat. But in 1879 it was purchased by Maharaja Rewan. To save from Currents of Ganga, Ghat has pucca stairs and both the corners of.....

Tulsi Ghat


It is named affter the great poet Tulsi  who wrote Ramcharitmanas. Earlier it was know as Lolark ghat as evident in Gaharwa Danpatra and Girvanapadamanjari . Letter in 1941 Baldeo Das Birala Made this Ghat pucca. This Ghat is associated With a number of important activities such as bath of L.....

Bhadaini Ghat


The earliest reference of this Ghat is given by Greves(1909). It has a huge pumping set of waterworks which supply water to whole city. This ghat has standing wall constructed by brick and stone. Bathing or religious activities are not performed here.


Janaki Ghat


In 1870 . Maharani Kunwar of Sursand (Bihar) made this Ghat. Earlier it was know as "Nagamber ghat". After picca Constructions it is know as Janaki ghat. It has a little Religious important but people bath since it is safe and Clean.


Mata Anandami Ghat


Earlier it was know as ‘lmalia Ghat’ in 1944 Mata Anandamai purchased this area from British. She made this ghat pucca in addition to run a Ashrama. This Ashrama is involved in performing a number of religious activities here.


Vaccharaja Ghat


It is made pucca by a ‘merchant named Vaccharaja during later half of 18th cent. It is believed that seventh Jain Firthankar of Suparshvanatha was born nearby. At present most of Jain families live here. Upgoing stairs from Ganga river bank to street have three niches consist of Siva, Ganes.....

Jain Ghat


Before 1931 Jain ghat was the part of Vaccharaja ghat. Later Jain community made a pucca ghat and named it as Jain ghat. On the southern end Jain communities take bath and perform their regular activities, but on the northern end Mallaha (boatman) families are living giving it a different look.

Nishad Ghat


Earlier it was a part of Prabhu Ghat till first half 20th century. Now a large number of boatmen with their small boat & nets can be seen hear. Ghat has one Nishad raj Temple which in fact was constructed by boatmen families only a few year back.....

Prabhu Ghat


This Ghat was made in the early part of 20th century by Nirmal Kumar of Bangal. Most of boatmen families are living here. Normally washermen washes clothes here. Ghat has very little social cultural significance.


Panchkota Ghat


On the northern end of Prabhu ghat a palatial building and a ghat was constructed by King of Panchakola (Bengal) in the later half of 19th century. A series of thin stairs from ghat lead to palatial building where two temples are situated. Ghat is p.....

Cheta Singh Ghat


It is a historical fortified ghat. The place has witnessed a fierce battle between the troops of Warren Hastings and Chet Singh in 1781. The fort and ghat has been taken from British by Maharaja Prabhu Narayan Singh in the later half of 19th ce.....



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